Here We Grow Again

Student reactions to the new building

Nicki Ragan
The new bridge and quad!

The new school year has brought many changes to the CDS community — everything from sports to new covid protocols. One of the most exciting, and visible changes to campus is the new building.

Sleek and modern, the new addition to campus promises new learning spaces and state-of-the-art equipment. Senior Jasmine Welton voiced her appreciation for the new building, “I like the new building better than the old building because I like how the classes are bigger in size. I also like how it looks more modern, and the bathrooms too.”

While the new spaces have garnered wide-spread accolades from students and parents alike, some feel there’s still room for continued improvement. Sophomore Maria Neves stated “I think it’s just a little confusing sometimes”.

Freshman Christian Clarke presented a different side to the issue, stating a preference for the old building because it is “easier to navigate and as students I feel like we function better.”

Despite differing viewpoints, the students enjoy the new building and are pleased with the new classrooms and renovations.