TikTok Trend Spells Trouble

It started out as a TikTok trend that went viral, where students started stealing school property and calling it “Devious Licks”. What was the result of this? Many schools across the country began to take away freedoms and privileges of their students. In some cases criminal charges were brought against teens who participated in the Licks.

The CDS community was shocked when the Licks came to our door. CDS administration implemented new procedures in an effort to stop the issue before it had time to take hold. Leaving your phone with your teacher and using a sign-out sheet is the new normal for students to use the restroom during class.

“We don’t like that we are having to put these stipulations down…” says Donna Holyman, the Assistant of Upper School for Student Life. Having these policies and procedures in place is a big change for lots of students, “especially for a lot of our older students, they haven’t had this since their freshman year”.

Explaining why the phones are no longer allowed in the bathrooms, Holyman says “we felt like not having phones in the bathroom, because it seemed like the part that people wanted was the part that was filmed.”

The Licks are behind us now, but the sign-out sheets remain. “I don’t think phones make much of a difference, it won’t stop anything, it’s really whether they want to do it or not”, says sophomore Austin Floyd. Floyd points out that “they can just take pictures when they get home”, talking about the students who bring the acts of vandalism home and choose to record it. “Phones are not the determining factor, they might help, but they aren’t a determining factor in this,” Floyd adds. He expresses that he thinks “the sign-out sheets are unnecessary … the phones don’t prevent this kind of thing from happening.”