James Bond is Back in “No Time to Die”

The movie lived up to my expectations. The movie showed betrayal and lies in the beginning, which set up the whole story for a revealing end. If you know the back story the film is excellent and very easy to follow — but anyone can enjoy it, not just Bond fans. Still, I would highly advise you to watch the other James Bond movie before watching No Time to Die.

A Cast to Die For

Daniel Craig is James bond. He breaks all the rules and does what he wants. By doing that he gets his way and always gets the job done. He doesn’t really trust anyone but the people he does trust are his forever friends. He sacrifices himself to save everyone he loves.

Rami Malek was a villain that thought he was doing something that could save the world. He had a very bad childhood which made him mad and he became corrupt and evil.

Lea Seydoux did very well in her scenes. She really gave the movie the sad feeling that it was looking for, especially when she was crying and showing her emotions.

Ana de Armas didn’t get that much screen time, but when she did she made the most of it. I liked the way she made herself seem like she was nervous, but she was confident at the same time.

Lashana Lynch is a new agent but she’s very experienced. She is more of a rule follower and does what she’s told — which is the complete opposite of James bond.

I would give the movie a 10/10. I like the movie a lot and I recommend it to anyone who likes to watch action movies.