Indian Culture Club Does It Again: Taste of India II

Simmon Chauhan performing “Bhangra”, an Indian folk dance.

This past Wednesday, the Indian Culture Club hosted its second “Taste of India” night, a night featuring the colorful culture of India. The student union, usually a collage of bland greys and whites, was decorated in colorful flower strands and umbrellas in preparation for the event. The night started loosely at 6:00, when guests were convened under the bridge to browse a variety of vendors, selling everything from henna tattoos to intricately crafted art pieces. After socializing and perusing the variety of options offered by these vendors, guests were guided into the gym.
Head of School Sara Rubinstien opened the speeches for the night, followed by the Indian Culture Club’s Secretary, Suhani Shah. Shah spoke about the cultural disconnect that often comes along with living in the US. She spoke about how Bollywood films provided a strong connection to that culture. A series of dances followed these speeches, with many of them performed by members of the Indian Culture Club.
Following all of these performances, Bollywood dance instructor Shivali Vyaas got the entire crowd up on their feet to learn the steps to a short choreographed dance.
Closing remarks were made, and the crowd made their way back over to the decorated student union, where volunteers served a variety of catered dishes. Gulab jamun, sweet dough balls, and chole, a chickpea curry, were on the menu, as well as samosas and chicken curry. Mango lassi, a sweet mango drink, was also available for guests to try. Food was served until around 9:00, as the night ended in a slow trickle of guests leaving.
The night was truly one to remember, a truly mesmerizing display of the colorful culture of the CDS student body.