To Mask, or Not To Mask?


Adam Nieścioruk

Used with permission from Unsplash

Officially, the CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.

At Carrollwood Day School, we started the year with required masks when students or staff were indoors, or in close proximity to one another.

Beginning on October 18th, masks became optional for students and vaccinated staff members.

While many feel relief at the lifted mandate, we wanted to understand how students in the upper school felt, and determine if it impacted their school performance.

Addison Fowkes, class of 2025, said “No, it is just annoying when your teachers constantly tell you to pull your mask up.”

Valentina Theil, class of 2023, said “Masks would be way more effective if people wore them the correct way.”

Fowkes followed up with, “I think [the mandate being lifted] is great, because most of the students can feel normal again like we did before the pandemic.”

Audrey Royer, class of 2025, said of the lifted mandate, “I think it gives us a nice sense of normalcy again.”

Evie Mcrory, class of 2025, said “I like how you have the option to either wear or don’t wear masks.”

The updated mask mandate giving students a choice brings a sense of normalcy and freedom to CDS.