CDS Uniforms: Staying True to the Crimson and Gray

Nicki Ragan
Students can elect to wear a CDS spirit shirt on Fridays with regular uniform bottoms.

Through dodging dress codes, enjoying free dress days, and trying out new uniform bottoms, every student at Carrollwood day school has different opinions and views of how the student dress code should be handled. Most students come to the consensus that uniforms create less stress and judgment when it comes to picking out outfits or shopping for new clothes each year. Along with that, students also agree there should be more options allowed when it comes to the dress code. For example, CDS sweatpants and spirit shirts.

One CDS junior, Valentina Theil says, “I don’t mind where the dress code is now, but it would be nice if we could wear a sports/ spirit shirt any day of the week, and possibly not khakis everyday. It would be nice if on fridays we could wear jeans or sweatpants on fridays.”

Most students would agree with Valentina, saying the dress code isn’t extremely strict, but could be improved by allowing students to show off their clubs, sports, and proud school accomplishments everyday, instead of polos.

Jacob Zager, a sophomore here at Carrollwood Day School, agrees with Valentina saying, “I think we should be able to wear all clothing with a CDS logo on it. Including, pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.”

Cold weather days at school are enjoyed by all as we are allowed to wear pants to school, but at the same time it would be nice if we could wear long sleeves too. It can get pretty cold some days and long sleeve shirts are helpful for staying warm.

The last student interviewed was Eli Chames, a freshman at CDS. Eli states, “The dress code is pretty easy to follow, I just wish we could have more free dress, and less restrictions when it comes to pants.”

Overall, most students agree that having a uniform really isn’t the worst thing, but more comfortable and affordable items could be very beneficial and easy for students to wear.