Forgotten Winter Sports

As winter approaches, so does a new season of sports at Carrollwood Day School. Although winter sports may not get as much attention as fall sports, they are just as important and exciting.

At CDS, the upper school winter sports that are offered include, Varsity girls soccer, Varsity boys soccer, JV boys soccer, Varsity girls basketball, Varsity boys basketball, JV boys basketball, Wrestling, Competitive Cheer, and softball. The athletes that participate in these sports dedicate their time and energy to sports practices and games that begin in november and carry out throughout the rest of the season.

This season of sports brings new and exciting ways for CDS students to try new things or support their friends by attending games. If athletes did not participate in fall sports, winter sports bring a second opportunity for students to get involved and challenge themselves to elevate their athletic abilities.

Winter sports tend to not receive as much attention and student support as fall sports even though the teams are just as successful, and the games are just as exciting. To prevent these wonderful winter sports from being forgotten for another season, students should make an effort to attend games and cheer on their friends, just as they would during fall sports.