Thanksgiving Food Reviews

Emma Fishman
Here is a link to an amazing recipe:

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks; so in this article we will be showing the tried and true foods that everyone loves the most this Thanksgiving season. We will be giving recipes for the people that love unique foods that contrast the traditional celebration of this holiday. We are going to give recipes for Thanksgiving sides because they are the most important part of the meal. If you want to try more unique flavors or be more adventurous, try out this recipe for goat cheese mashed potatoes. This recipe keeps the traditional recipe of mashed potatoes but adds the unique flavor of goat cheese for a more peculiar taste:

A traditional recipe that could combat these unique flavors could be this recipe for the classic side of stuffing: This recipe adds the classic flavors of bread cubes combined with butter with herbs and vegetable stock to add more flavor to the dish. This dish is a modern twist on normal preparation of stuffing.

The last recipe that I will show you is a vegetarian version of stuffing for your family, if they still like that authentic taste but a healthier option for stuffing. This recipe uses mushrooms, Tuscan kale, and cornmeal to better influence health on Thanksgiving day: