The Patriot Press Gets Personal With New Counselor Mr. Miller

Pedro Miller is new addition to the CDS counseling staff this year. (Nicki Ragan)

With many new additions to the CDS community, this year we are very lucky to welcome many new people. One addition to our community has had a very impactful role on everyone in the upper school, Mr. Miller. As he begins to learn more about us, the Patriot Press wanted to learn more about him. A game of 20 questions allows everyone to better understand our new counselor.

Can you give a brief introduction to who you are and your importance here at CDS.
A: “As a school counselor, I hope to offer students a place where they can find safety, validation and support in a confidential manner. Born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil. Lived in Brazil until I was 14. Moved to Kansas in 2001. Worked as an elementary school teacher for 2 years as a third grade teacher. Became a school counselor in 2014 and have served as such since.”
What is your favorite thing about CDS?
A: The strong level of relationship between students, teachers, and families. This was very apparent when students were surveyed at the beginning of the year.
Who was your role model as a kid and why?
A: “As a kid, I truly looked up to my parents. My dad, despite his faults, truly and deeply loved his family and my mom would move heaven and earth for my sister and I. We were far from perfect, but, as a family, we were deeply committed to each other.”
What’s a fact about you that no one would guess?
A: “I am deeply insecure about my hair. I have been this way since I was young. It is rare for me to ever feel secure in how my hair looks and feels.”
Who is your favorite musical artist or group?
A: “Not sure if I have a favorite, but I am a big Spotify user. My favorite station is Global X.”
What was the hardest class you ever took?
A: “When I first moved from Brazil, I did not speak any English. Upon entering high school and having to complete my science credits, I found science to be extremely difficult due to lacking vocab. Sorry science teachers, science was rough for me. “
What was the best trip you ever took and why?
A: “In the summer of 2001, my oldest sister chose a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters, Northern Minnesota, as her senior trip. It is one of the wildest places I have ever been and I fell in love with how wild it was instantly.”
Did you learn how to do something new during quarantine?
A: “Not sure if this counts, but I truly learned to surrender to the fact that I needed to face past trauma and struggles through the help of therapy. Facing the truth has given me a lot of peace and healing. One of the best lessons I have learned so far; accept and surrender to the help of others.”
Is the glass half empty or half full?
A: “Half full all the way!”
If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be?
A: “Stigma towards mental health support. Too many people are hurting and not seeking help because of this.”
What do you think the secret to a good life is?
A: “He who finds himself loses his misery.” I heard this quote lately and it applies to me completely. I was lost and life wasn’t good. I am taking steps to find myself and life is the best it has ever been.”
Describe yourself in 3 words-
A: “Passionate, Kind, and Energetic”
What is your zodiac sign?
A: “Scorpio”
Beach or mountains?
A: “Can it be both? I visited Rio de Janeiro and loved it because it offers both.”
Procrastinator or proactive?
A: “Depends on where I am emotionally. When I am overloaded, I tend to procrastinate. When I am ok, I take a proactive approach.”
What is your favorite sport to watch?
A: “Soccer – 100%”
What do you look for in a friend?
A: “Loyalty, Vulnerability, and Kindness.”
Who has influenced your life the most?
A: “My parents: both have had a tremendous impact on the person that I am today.”
What do you want your legacy to be?
A: “That I gave as much, if not more, than I have received in this life.”
20. What is your favorite way to relax?
A: “Camping: Looking for the next opportunity to get out there.”
That about sums it up! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful counselor for our upper school. Make sure to welcome Mr. Miller to our CDS community!