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Remembering Coach Wodrich

Staff Writer January 30, 2023

It is hard to think of someone who better exemplifies what it means to be a Patriot than Coach Bitha Wodrich. It is with heavy hearts that we remember her life and celebrate her legacy -- the hundreds,...

The Scholarship Battle

Morgan Kelly January 6, 2021

During a high school student’s athletic career, they rely on having a proper high school season with consistent coaching and direction. If the student-athlete is serious about playing on the next level,...

TikTok Ban Could Leave Millions Disconnected

TikTok Ban Could Leave Millions Disconnected

Kaitlyn Xu, Editor-in-Chief January 6, 2021

Walk into the halls of any high school, and within minutes, you will stumble across at least one group of teens with their phones propped up against a window frame, dancing to a trending song, ready to...

Three To a Table

Ava O'Connor January 6, 2021

Due to COVID-19, students have been told that they can only sit in a particular position in relation to their friends at the lunch tables. Teachers enforce the three-to-a-table rule by moving any extra...

Seniors’ Advice to Freshmen

Kaitlyn Xu December 10, 2020

We asked three Carrollwood Day School Seniors to give one piece of advice to current freshman class, these were their responses: Zeid Akel – “People say that senior is really hard, listen to them...

Movie Theaters Reopening

Sierra Irvine December 9, 2020

Everyone’s entertainment, news, family, and whole life is now being directed straight from their homes and backyards. Up until recently, movie theaters had stopped playing shows and closed down for months...

Lightning Win the cup

Bolts Win the Cup

Adele Sands December 9, 2020
“Just wait, we’re a hockey town, we can do it.” 
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