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New Super Mario Movie

Sofia G May 8, 2023

Everyone loves the Super Mario video game, playing either the Mini Adventure or Mario Karts. Recently, Nintendo has paired up with Illumination to produce the new Super Mario Bros movie. Mario and Luigi...

Cold Stone Carrollwood Review

Jennifer M May 8, 2023

The newly opened Cold Stone in Carrollwood has a variety of different ice cream flavors. They offer many different dairy free options for those who are not able to have dairy. The strawberry sorbet is...

Taylor Swift performs “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” Thursday in Tampa.

Taylor Swift Comes to Tampa!

Alice Sutton May 8, 2023

150 days. That is how long I have been waiting. 150 days of excitement and anticipation. 150 days spent trying to create the perfect outfit. 150 days of listening to her songs on replay. It was a long...

Smile Film review

Bella St Louis April 18, 2023

The 2022 new movie Smile has horror fans in a frenzy for this movie. For those who enjoy horror movies like myself, the movie Smile should be on your watch list. It is a film about a woman who’s life...

Less is More (Making the Most of Your Classtime)

Staff Writer March 9, 2023

30 to 40 minutes! That’s the average attention span of a teenager, according to a study published by Cross River Therapy. However, 80 minutes is the length of a class at Carrollwood Day School (CDS)....

Should Standardized Test Be Mandatory?

Fion Zheng March 3, 2023

Everyone knows the stress that hits every student once it's time for them to take the SAT or ACT. The panic the students feel and the amount of studying and practice they have to do to get an acceptable...

Tampa Has a New Standard When it Comes to Italian: Olivia’s

Alice Sutton February 25, 2023

Our evening started with my sister getting deferred from her top college. We had just sat down, the waiter had not even arrived with the waters yet when my sister received the email. But did that ruin...

Do we need midterms?

Staff Writer December 8, 2022

Instead of preparing for the winter holidays and enjoying the last few weeks of school before winter break, Carrollwood Day School students are stuck studying for midterms. Midterm exams aren’t worth...

The CDS Student Union at the beginning of Upper School lunch.

Cafeteria Woes

April 25, 2022

When CDS unveiled their novel plans for growing and improving the campus, I, like many of my peers, was enthusiastic about what the new building had to offer. As a community, we have learned to embrace...

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Friendship Bracelet Club is the GOAT

March 11, 2022

Have you ever thought of joining Friendship Bracelet Club? Or maybe creating your own friendship bracelet club? Well maybe it's not a bad idea! I'm currently in the Friendship Bracelet Club at Carrollwood...

The current CDS student parking, South Beach.

Editorial: South Beach Parking

December 6, 2021

With the limited amount of space on the Carrollwood Day School campus, students have to park on the South Beach field that’s rented from a nearby church. The archaic South Beach’s potholes and uneven...

Editorial: Prioritize Parking for Student Drivers

Editorial: Prioritize Parking for Student Drivers

March 12, 2021

   The student parking at South Beach is far from perfect. On land rented by a neighboring church, Carrollwood Day School students have the inconvenience of parking in a dirt field. As CDS grew, parking...

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