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Patriot Nation Spotlight: ECCs Big Room

Patriot Nation Spotlight: ECC’s Big Room

Rebecca O'Brien March 22, 2022

Creativity, thinkers, communication, and balanced are all traits that Carrollwood Day School’s students are all about. In our youngest campus, the Early Childhood Campus, or the ECC, these traits come...

Tampa mural made of felt, located in Tampa Fresh Foods

The Felt Grocery Store Taking Over TikTok

Kaitlyn Xu February 11, 2022

At first glance, “Tampa Fresh Foods” appears to be just a normal grocery store with an unjustly long line that wraps around the block. At closer glance, the canned beans and heads of lettuce that stock...

Tricks of the Trade: Personal Projects Pointers

Adele Sands November 29, 2021

Personal Projects at CDS are a right of passage for every student that is either an upperclassman, a current sophomore, or a freshman. Each student that is in the Upper School has had to complete or will...

Sports Analysis: Miami Heat

Gabriel Troya November 29, 2021

July 20 - November 8 In 2020, Jimmy Butler's first year with the Miami Heat, he would lead a dominant Heat team to the NBA finals. They wound up sweeping the first two teams they played in the first...

CDS hosts the 2021 International Festival after a year off, due to COVID-19.

CDS Traditions: International Festival

Sierra Irvine November 29, 2021

Every school has its fair share of traditions, CDS included. Whether that be fundraisers or musicals, there is always a tradition that students look forward to each year. Many traditions go on here at...

Balance is key to managing stress.

Photo used with permission from Unsplash.

The Skinny on Stress

Jenna Nohra and Rebecca O'Brien October 28, 2021
Miller said, “When we are stressed in an unhealthy way, sometimes that also triggers anxiety, and that’s living in a space where things are just unmanageable and out of your control."
Where We Stand: Political Poll

Political Activity at CDS

Morgan Allen March 12, 2021

 A "political issue" is defined as "any question that deals with how power is distributed and how it operates within social organization, and how people think about, and engage in, their communities...

Modifying Normal Life During COVID-19: Patriot Buddies

Modifying Normal Life During COVID-19: Patriot Buddies

Lauren Smith March 12, 2021

   Every school year since 2012 first graders and seniors are paired together within their interests in a program called Patriot Buddies. To help integrate first graders into the Bearss Ave campus...

Modifying Normal Life During COVID-19: Admissions Shadowing

Abby Pyle March 12, 2021

   “Some parents don’t want their kids to come in. They are doing virtual and they are just staying in their house,” says Charlotte Benziger, the Admissions Associate at CDS. This seems to be a...

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