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Decoding U.S. Crime Rates

Hannah VerHoef January 30, 2023

Nationally, crime plays a major role in US news. Whether someone is watching their favorite news channel on television, or reading an article on their phone, some infraction of the law is bound to appear....

World Cup 2022

Gabriel Troya December 13, 2022

The wait for the 2022 World Cup is finally over! This year's World Cup is being held in Qatar. The World Cup competition began with Group play. Early on, Germany and Belgium got eliminated; they were early...

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What’s Up With MAP Testing?

Brooke Prather February 10, 2022

Map testing describes MAP testing as a computer adaptive test. This means that every student gets a different set of test questions that depend on previous responses. If the student answers correctly,...

The new bridge and quad!

Here We Grow Again

Lillian Brown October 26, 2021

The new school year has brought many changes to the CDS community -- everything from sports to new covid protocols. One of the most exciting, and visible changes to campus is the new building. Sleek...

Spirit Week 101

Talan Dudley and Sarah N. October 17, 2021

On Monday the theme is Cowboys vs. Aliens and the activities for that day are Co-Ed volleyball in the gym, and Team Trivia in the pavilion. On Tuesday the theme is Generations Day and the activities...



Kaitlyn Xu, Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2021

 #STOPASIANHATE. The hashtag alongside a movement against rising anti-Asian sentiments. The movement has been gaining traction following the shooting of 8 people (6 of them Asian women) in Asian-owned...

Construction of New Building Begins: A Look Inside

Construction of New Building Begins: A Look Inside

Ava O’Connor March 12, 2021

   On campus, it is all anyone can talk about, and it's not even built yet. One of the largest focal points at CDS is the Center for Innovation. This is the 40,600 square foot, two-story hub for science...

What’s Up with Lockdown Drills?

Sierra Irvine March 12, 2021

   With outside threats always being a possibility, lockdown drills are essential to keeping students safe throughout the school year. When these safety precautions come to a stop, it becomes a concern...

The Scholarship Battle

Morgan Kelly January 6, 2021

During a high school student’s athletic career, they rely on having a proper high school season with consistent coaching and direction. If the student-athlete is serious about playing on the next level,...

TikTok Ban Could Leave Millions Disconnected

TikTok Ban Could Leave Millions Disconnected

Kaitlyn Xu, Editor-in-Chief January 6, 2021

Walk into the halls of any high school, and within minutes, you will stumble across at least one group of teens with their phones propped up against a window frame, dancing to a trending song, ready to...

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