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The Patriot Press

The Patriot Press

Men’s March Madness

Olivia Tola May 8, 2023

“It doesn't matter if you fall down. It’s whether you get back up” (Michael Jordan). Most basketball players lived this quote during the 2023 Men’s March Madness. March Madness tests players' abilities...

New Super Mario Movie

Sofia G May 8, 2023

Everyone loves the Super Mario video game, playing either the Mini Adventure or Mario Karts. Recently, Nintendo has paired up with Illumination to produce the new Super Mario Bros movie. Mario and Luigi...

Cold Stone Carrollwood Review

Jennifer M May 8, 2023

The newly opened Cold Stone in Carrollwood has a variety of different ice cream flavors. They offer many different dairy free options for those who are not able to have dairy. The strawberry sorbet is...

Taylor Swift performs “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” Thursday in Tampa.

Taylor Swift Comes to Tampa!

Alice Sutton May 8, 2023

150 days. That is how long I have been waiting. 150 days of excitement and anticipation. 150 days spent trying to create the perfect outfit. 150 days of listening to her songs on replay. It was a long...

The NFL Draft 2023

The NFL Draft 2023

Luke Wallace April 26, 2023

The first round NFL Draft is tomorrow and fans and teams alike are getting prepared for one of the most popular nights in football until February with Superbowl LVIII in Las Vegas. Every year, teams...


Elijah Lopez April 18, 2023

March 21, 2023 was the first world baseball classic game that has been played in eight years. This game features Japan vs team USA. The first inning wasn't terrible, it was a good back and forth but still...

US Citizens Affected by Numerous Chemical Incidents

Hannah VerHoef April 18, 2023

In the USA, accidents related to hazardous chemicals have become increasingly common and disastrous, with reports stating that “In the first seven weeks of 2023 alone, there were more than 30 incidents...

China’s zero-covid collapse

Cathy Philip February 15, 2023

Beginning in November, China’s strict zero COVID-19 policies started to cause a disturbance in residents’ lives. The push for protests and having their voices heard became more popular. The residents...

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Bella St Louis February 13, 2023

For Superbowl 57 this year, the significant role of performing in front of millions at halftime of the game was given to the world-renowned Rihanna. Everyone was holding their breath for this performance...

Decoding U.S. Crime Rates

Hannah VerHoef January 30, 2023

Nationally, crime plays a major role in US news. Whether someone is watching their favorite news channel on television, or reading an article on their phone, some infraction of the law is bound to appear....

World Cup 2022

Gabriel Troya December 13, 2022

The wait for the 2022 World Cup is finally over! This year's World Cup is being held in Qatar. The World Cup competition began with Group play. Early on, Germany and Belgium got eliminated; they were early...

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What’s Up With MAP Testing?

Brooke Prather February 10, 2022

Map testing describes MAP testing as a computer adaptive test. This means that every student gets a different set of test questions that depend on previous responses. If the student answers correctly,...

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