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Cheyenne Irvine, Writer

Cheyenne Irvine is a sophomore here at CDS. She has been here since kindergarten! She loves to hang out my friends, and is excited for the school year because of the new building -- especially the cafeteria. Cheyenne loves horror movies and anything scary -- a passion she shares with her dad. Not surprisingly, Cheyenne's  favorite holiday is Halloween. 


Cheyenne's Jam List:

  1. Falling by Harry Styles
  2. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd
  3. Adore you by Harry Styles
  4. Waves by Kanye West
  5. Tequila Shots by Kid Cudi
  6. Take My Breath by The Weeknd
All content by Cheyenne Irvine
Used with permission from Unsplash.

Playstation Presents…

Cheyenne Irvine May 18, 2022

The movie Uncharted is based off of a video game that was created by Playstation. Comparing the movie against the video game will help get a better understanding of how realistic the movie is and stays...

Theresa Capitano and Cayce French work tirelessly to keep the entire school running smoothly.

CDS Unsung Heroes: Ms. Capitano and Ms. French

Cheyenne Irvine February 11, 2022

Theresa Capitano and Cayce French are two very important, hard working women that help our school campus operate smoothly. Mrs. French specializes in being a Registrar and Database Manager and Mrs. Capitano...

Here is a link to an amazing recipe:

Thanksgiving Food Reviews

Cheyenne Irvine November 19, 2021

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks; so in this article we will be showing the tried and true foods that everyone loves the most this Thanksgiving season. We will be giving recipes for the people that...

Patriots take the field

Patriots Varsity Football Team Celebrates Homecoming Victory

Cheyenne Irvine October 28, 2021
Happy Homecoming Patriot Nation!
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